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Eleven Plus Practice Papers

Many parents will buy practice papers for their children to work through at home.

Buckinghamshire, however, is not the only authority to use the 11 plus examination as a means of selection for secondary school entrance. There are also many individual schools around the country who use similar tests as part of their admissions programme.

These examinations differ from area to area and school to school.

There are many published papers that cover the 11 plus. Whilst all of these are professionally produced and contain good material they are not necessarily of benefit for children working towards the 11+ in Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire uses NFER to provide the tests used in the "real" test. However, the NFER practice packs that are on sale in bookshops DO NOT COVER ALL THE TYPES OF QUESTION USED IN THE BUCKINGHAMSHIRE TEST, despite claiming that their practice tests "mirror" the real thing .... THEY DON'T. 6 out of the 21 types of question do not appear in these papers. That is 29% not covered. This is based on the question types used by NFER in the Familiarization Pack which every entrant receives or uses in school.

You should also be aware that Buckinghamshire only uses Verbal Reasoning papers. ( You do not need to buy non-verbal reasoning, Maths or English 11+ materials.)

One publisher that covers ALL the question types in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as they may occur in the "real" Buckinghamshire test is IPS Educational Publishing.

and a new site for 2010 ... The Eleven Plus Exam Group.

Other publishers of 11+ practice materials include:

GS education (formerly known as NFER-Nelson and Letts)
AFN Publishing
Athey Educational
R & S Educational Services
M W Educational
Childs World Education Ltd